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We are sending the Pneumatico WT2 across the ocean

Our machines dedicated to pallet repair are not only precisely crafted but also carefully packaged to reach the customer in an undamaged condition. Each machine is meticulously placed in a sturdy crate made of certified wood, providing protection against potential damages and meeting the highest standards of sustainable development. 🌿

The packing process is as crucial as the machine production itself. Every detail is securely protected, ensuring that even during a long journey, the machines arrive at their destination in perfect condition. Additionally, all our crates comply with international safety standards and are adapted to the requirements of international transport. 🔒

We make every effort to ensure that our pallet repair machines reach the customer in the best possible condition, ready for immediate use. Shipping is also carried out in accordance with international regulations to provide safe and efficient transport to customers. In this case, the machines are shipped to the USA. 🚢


Date added: 30 November, 2023

Category: News