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Grand Opening to New Markets!

For the first time, we are shipping our revolutionary pneumatic pallet nailing tables Pneumatico PT-1900 and PT-3300 straight to Morocco! 📦✈️

Every step of this process has been carefully planned to ensure that our products arrive safely and in perfect condition. We pack the tables in specially designed IPC wood crates, which are not only durable but also resistant to the demanding conditions of maritime transport. Additionally, we use Maverick film – a special film for maritime transport, providing extra protection for our tables against moisture and varying weather conditions.

💡 Why Pneumatico pallet nailing tables?
Our tables are the pinnacle of innovation in pallet production, offering unprecedented efficiency and reliability. The Pneumatico PT series tables guarantee quick and precise pallet nailing, which is crucial for any company looking to optimize their production processes.

🌟 Join our growing family of satisfied customers and see how our pneumatic pallet nailing tables can revolutionize your production. We are here to support your growth and provide the best solutions on the market.


Date added: 14 March, 2024

Category: News